The original Beal organic cheese is a raw milk cheese made lovingly by hand and matured for approximately nine months. A farmhouse cheese is the ideal value added product for a dairy farmer.  As the years passed by I refined and modified the recipe to produce the world winning cheese that I produce today.

Why Go Organic?

In the late 1990’s I decided to go organic as GM crops were being introduced into our food chain by stealth, by the global food corporations which wish to control our whole food chain. By going organic I could ensure the provenance of my cheese and help to uphold the reputation that we have in this country as Ireland the food Ireland.

We should remember that food production is the one thing that we are good at in this country. We cannot compete on the commodity markets and the value added market is the best route for us.

Going organic really transformed the quality and the flavour of the cheese and I found the demand for the cheese growing.

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