Kate Carmody is an organic farmer, cheesemaker, environmentalist and social activist living in Beal, Co. Kerry. Her qualification background is principally in Biochemistry/ Biomedical Science/ Social Science and Corporate Governance and she has minor awards in health and safety, artisan food systems, quality systems and accreditation.

She holds the environment seat, on the Quality of Life Committee of the Kerry PPN and is Chairperson of the KSPCA.

With over 30 years’ experience in rural development issues and she is a regular commentator on rural development and agricultural issues in the media. More recently, she has been a partner in the TRADEIT project, an FP7 research project.



More From Kate

Sunday Independent Feature

This article, written by Kate Carmody following the famous Dragon’s Den appearance, is featured on Gavin Duffy’s Blog We thought it best to add to our very own Blog…. When I was getting married in 1984, my mother June Feeny proudly presented me with a cheese press and...

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The first step in a long journey

I hope that through this blog that I can provide some food for thought that is not found in the mainstream media. It is very easy in a place like North Kerry, part of the Western Seaboard, perched on the edge of Europe, to feel like a lost voice in the wilderness of...

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